Boney M


Boney M makes a stop in St John’s during their Holiday Favourites and Classic Hits tour!

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Boney M2018-09-11T15:19:00+00:00

ABBA Revisited


ABBA Revisited is North America's #1 tribute to ABBA and it’s members have been dazzling audiences across the globe since the year 2001.

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ABBA Revisited2018-05-30T21:37:45+00:00



Relive the rock and roll magic with the “Rumours” The Ultimate Fleetwood Mac Tribute Show!

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Brett Kissel


Some would imagine that Brett Kissel is settling perfectly into the role of one of the nation’s leading country music creatives, but settling is not a word in Kissel’s vocabulary. In fact, with his new album in tow, just ask him: he’s only just begun!

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Brett Kissel2018-09-11T15:19:43+00:00

The Ultimate Neil Diamond Tribute Show


Jay energizes stages with a touch of class and a dash of Rock-n-Roll, continuing the musical legacy of Neil Diamond in five countries and more than 9000 unforgettable shows.

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The Ultimate Neil Diamond Tribute Show2018-05-31T14:33:06+00:00

Fetty Wap


For the Trap&B artist named Fetty Wap known for sharing his love about his ride or die chick on his breakout hit “Trap Queen,” his hustle never stops.

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Fetty Wap2018-06-28T21:23:38+00:00

Carroll Baker


Canadian Music Legend Carroll Baker made history when she became the first Canadian to do a TV Special from Nashville and the stage of the Grand Ole Opry.  She is about to make music history again.

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Carroll Baker2018-04-03T14:09:02+00:00