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ABBA Revisited


ABBA Revisited is North America's #1 tribute to ABBA and it’s members have been dazzling audiences across the globe since the year 2001.

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ABBA Revisited2019-06-10T11:19:04-02:30

The Troubadour Experience


What makes The Troubadour Experience stand out is that they prefer to do things the original way, the purest way, the George Strait way - live and personal!

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The Troubadour Experience2019-07-07T16:18:25-02:30

The John Denver Experience


Relive the music of John Denver with award winning Chris Collins and his band Boulder Canyon as they create an unforgettable John Denver experience.

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The John Denver Experience2019-03-04T15:10:44-02:30

Beatles vs Stones


If you didn’t see the Beatles & the Stones in the 1960’s, here’s your 2nd chance…

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Beatles vs Stones2019-04-18T10:16:31-02:30

BeeGees Gold


Bee Gees Gold tribute Is the ultimate salute, and experience of seeing the Bee Gees in their prime, LIVE ONCE AGAIN!

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BeeGees Gold2019-04-18T10:16:42-02:30

The Fortunate Sons


The World’s Greatest Tribute to the Greatest band: Creedence Clearwater Revival

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The Fortunate Sons2019-03-26T11:19:45-02:30

The Beach Bums


The “beach party”, the cars, the sun, surfin’, the endless summer….this is what The Beach Boys music is.

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The Beach Bums2019-03-26T10:11:36-02:30

21 Gun Salute


The band pays true homage to AC/DC's high voltage rock n roll. From the Bon Scott raw rock n roll early years to the bands evolution throughout their thirty year tenure with Brian Johnson.

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21 Gun Salute2019-07-07T16:15:07-02:30

Hotel California


The experience of a Hotel California show isn’t just about the band – it’s about celebrating the music and the memories, and the band gets the audiences involved and on their feet!

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Hotel California2019-03-04T14:27:43-02:30



Relive the rock and roll magic with the “Rumours” The Ultimate Fleetwood Mac Tribute Show!

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Brett Kissel


Some would imagine that Brett Kissel is settling perfectly into the role of one of the nation’s leading country music creatives, but settling is not a word in Kissel’s vocabulary. In fact, with his new album in tow, just ask him: he’s only just begun!

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Brett Kissel2019-07-07T18:03:30-02:30

The Ultimate Neil Diamond Tribute Show


Jay energizes stages with a touch of class and a dash of Rock-n-Roll, continuing the musical legacy of Neil Diamond in five countries and more than 9000 unforgettable shows.

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The Ultimate Neil Diamond Tribute Show2019-07-07T16:15:39-02:30

Fetty Wap


For the Trap&B artist named Fetty Wap known for sharing his love about his ride or die chick on his breakout hit “Trap Queen,” his hustle never stops.

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Fetty Wap2019-07-07T16:15:50-02:30

Boney M


Boney M makes a stop in St John’s during their Holiday Favourites and Classic Hits tour!

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Boney M2019-07-07T18:04:24-02:30

Carroll Baker


Canadian Music Legend Carroll Baker made history when she became the first Canadian to do a TV Special from Nashville and the stage of the Grand Ole Opry.  She is about to make music history again.

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Carroll Baker2019-07-07T16:16:25-02:30

Neil Diamond Tribute Show


Las Vegas Headliner Jay White is one of the world’s most convincing recreations of Neil Diamond. If you are Neil Diamond fan this show is for you!

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Neil Diamond Tribute Show2018-03-09T10:41:30-02:30

Queen Nation


If you are a Queen fan then this show is a must see!

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Queen Nation2019-07-07T16:16:17-02:30

A Michelle Wright Christmas


There may be no snow yet, but you know that the merry season is truly under way when MICHELLE WRIGHT comes to town to remind us all what Christmas is really about.

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A Michelle Wright Christmas2019-07-07T16:16:34-02:30



Multi-platinum and Grammy award-winning rap superstar Nelly is wrapping up the year with an exciting new announcement for his Canadian fans.

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Myles Goodwyn


Myles Goodwyn acoustic tour, “Just Between You and Me” with special guest Jim Henman

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Myles Goodwyn2019-07-07T16:16:53-02:30