ABBA Revisited


ABBA Revisited is North America's #1 tribute to ABBA and it’s members have been dazzling audiences across the globe since the year 2001.

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ABBA Revisited2019-06-10T11:19:04-02:30

The John Denver Experience


Relive the music of John Denver with award winning Chris Collins and his band Boulder Canyon as they create an unforgettable John Denver experience.

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The John Denver Experience2019-03-04T15:10:44-02:30

Beatles vs Stones


If you didn’t see the Beatles & the Stones in the 1960’s, here’s your 2nd chance…

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Beatles vs Stones2019-04-18T10:16:31-02:30

BeeGees Gold


Bee Gees Gold tribute Is the ultimate salute, and experience of seeing the Bee Gees in their prime, LIVE ONCE AGAIN!

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BeeGees Gold2019-04-18T10:16:42-02:30

The Fortunate Sons


The World’s Greatest Tribute to the Greatest band: Creedence Clearwater Revival

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The Fortunate Sons2019-03-26T11:19:45-02:30

The Beach Bums


The “beach party”, the cars, the sun, surfin’, the endless summer….this is what The Beach Boys music is.

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The Beach Bums2019-03-26T10:11:36-02:30

Hotel California


The experience of a Hotel California show isn’t just about the band – it’s about celebrating the music and the memories, and the band gets the audiences involved and on their feet!

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Hotel California2019-03-04T14:27:43-02:30



Relive the rock and roll magic with the “Rumours” The Ultimate Fleetwood Mac Tribute Show!

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